I am a long-time writer who, after many years of trying to break into the publishing industry, has finally had his first novel published.  My book is called ZION’S WEB and it is the first entry in the Zachariah Burton detective series.  ZION’S WEB centers on a young woman named Brenda Cooper who has just escaped from a polygamist compound located in the high desert area of Southern California known as Zion’s Mount, or ZM for short.  Following her escape, Brenda teams up with Zachariah (Zack) Burton, an ex-FBI-Agent-turned-private investigator living on a fifty-foot cabin cruiser in San Pedro, California.  Together, these two embark on a series of mis-adventures that threaten to not only end Brenda’s life, but to rip from her everything she holds dear.

Although I’m excited about my new book, and have designed this blog partially to showcase that effort, I do not plan for that to be its exclusive content.  I’ve built this area as a place to deposit my thoughts on a number of different topics, some of which will quite naturally tie back to ZION’S WEB or other books in the series that will follow, but there will be other topics as well.  I may at times use this site as a platform to blather on about  some issue that is bothering me at the moment; I might use it to test out a new character for an upcoming novel; or I might just sit down and write something…something poetic perhaps, or–as I always hope–insightful.  Whatever I write, it will be heartfelt and sincere which, in the final analysis, is all anyone can really ask from a person.


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