Meet Brenda Cooper

Okay, so now that I’ve introduced you to  Zack Burton, it’s time for you to meet Brenda Cooper, the heroine of my novel, ZION’S WEB.  Brenda has just escaped from Zion’s Mount, or ZM as it’s sometimes called, a polygamist compound run by so-called fundamentalist Mormons located near Trona, California. 

Trona Pinnacles

Trona Pinnacles (Photo credit: Damian Gadal)

Trona is a desert hot spot located roughly two hundred miles north of Los Angeles.  In addition to being home to the Trona Pinnacles, a stunning array of monoliths created from Tufa deposits, Trona is known for its scorching temperatures and the creation of soda ash, a chemical used mostly in the production of glass.  Chemical deposits are very common in Trona, so common that the kids at the nearby high school play on a dirt football field since grass won’t grow in the area due the highly acidic nature of the soil.

Brenda is the third wife of Rulon Cooper, a man forty years her senior who serves in the leadership of the Church of The Redeemed, a group of violent polygamists living at Zion’s Mount.  Due to the status of her husband, the cult will stop at nothing to get her back–including murder.

Brenda has been raised in the church and, as a result, knows little else.  She realizes one thing, however: she knows she hates being part of a polygamist marriage.  As a result she has become convinced that she needs to get away from ZM.  Although her plans originally included going back and retrieving her fourteen-year old daughter Jessica, along with Brenda’s six-year old son Ben, those plans quickly became ruined once she is out of ZM.

As the novel progresses we learn more about Brenda’s feelings and even get a first hand look at some of the main things that differentiate mainstream Mormonism from the radical offshoots that incorrectly call themselves fundamentalists.  We feel Brenda’s angst as she learns of her daughter’s impending marriage to a man thirty-five years her senior and later share in her struggles as she strives to get Jessica and Ben out of the compound.

I hesitate to tell much more for fear of spoiling the experience for anyone interested in reading the novel.  Speaking of which, if any of you are considering purchasing ZION’S WEB, now is the time to do it since between now and May 15th I will be running a promotion.  Be one of the first fifty people to purchase ZION’S WEB during that time and you’ll receive free shipping.  Simply go to and enter the free shipping code, which is Bfree50, along with your credit card information and you’ll get the novel with no shipping costs.

Anyway, that’s it for now.  I’ll be back soon with more information on ZION’S WEB…or who knows…perhaps something you may find even more intriguing.

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