A Writer’s Life

As you can see, my tagline is a writer’s life.  Do I have one?  Perhaps you can tell me when you’ve finished reading this article. 

Exactly what is a writer’s life? I imagine a writer’s life means different things to different people, but I think many of us might answer that it has something to do with fame and fortune, the kind that only a handful of writers enjoy–famous ones we see on all the best sellers lists, like James Patterson, Nora Roberts or Stephen King.  Although I dream of those things too, that was not necessarily what I had in mind when I came up with my tagline. 

So what exactly do I think a writer’s life is then?  If it’s not necessarily fame and fortune, then what is it?  To me it’s the ability to add something to the world around me in the only meaningful way I believe I can.  If I was a sculptor, or a carpenter, or a designer of great buildings I might feel I was adding something to the world in creating those things.  But writing is all I have.  But for me it is enough.

It’s a wondrous thing to step into the lives of people who have never lived before…anywhere but in your own mind.  To bring these characters full blown into the world makes me at least feel like some sort of literary Frankenstein.  But it’s more than just that.  There’s a kind of metaphysical turbulence to writing that rocks the soul, like the tide of centuries knocking against the keel of our own lives. 

I may not have the fame and fortune at this point, nor do I have the ability to do as I please–which I imagine some writers enjoy–I believe I still have a writer’s life.  What is it Descartes said?  ” I think therefore I am.”  In my view its more like I write therefore I am. 

But although I do not enjoy some of the other things the famous writers do, I do share one thing with them: I have the wonder that comes from being able to express myself.  To look on God’s creations and send a message back to him in spirit, one that says, “I see the things You have created and I am a part of all that.”  That’s truly miraculous.  Like all writers, I feel I’m on a spirit journey of sorts, one that won’t end as long as I have the ability to put pen to paper.  For me that’s a writer’s life…so I guess I really do have one.Big Bear Pictures II 005


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