Meet Zack Burton

So this is it: my first post.  I’m new to blogging so please bear with me.  What to write about, I ask myself?  Well what else: my new novel. 

My new novel is called ZION’S WEB and you can read all about it in the ABOUT section of this blog…or you can just click on my website at and take a quick peek inside.

The  novel has just entered its marketing phase and, in that regard, is still in its infancy…”hot off the press” to use the tired old cliché.  As a result, I can’t post any testimonials at this point.  It’s not that I don’t have any; they just haven’t been written down yet. 

I suppose I could give you all a quick synopsis of the novel itself, but that’s already been done…in a couple of places actually…both in the ABOUT section and on my website, so the easiest way for readers to get an idea of what the book is about is to click on one of those places.  No, I think a better thing to do here is to tell you a little bit about my main character, Zack Burton. 

Zachariah Burton, or Zack as he likes to be called, is a man in his late thirties who has truly had a hard life.  Although not a Mormon himself, Zack was married to a Mormon woman by the name of Dana who died unexpectedly of cancer.  Dana’s religion is only signficant in that it provides Zack with a unique perspective when dealing with the woman he  later encounters who has just escaped from Zion’s Mount, a compound run by so-called fundamentalist Mormons located in the high desert area of Southern California.

Following Dana’s demise, Zack went a little crazy and drank himself out of pretty much everything he had in life, including his job with the FBI.  He now works as a private detective and lives on a fifty-foot sport fisher known as the Kajiki berthed in San Pedro, California.  When Dana was alive the Kajiki was a pleasure boat, used on weekends and little else.  Now it and a 1999 Porsche Boxter are pretty much all Zack has left in the world.

But that’s fitting because Zack has become a near-total recluse.  He lives on his boat, does a little fishing when not working, hangs out one of the local bars (although he no longer drinks) and pretty much minds his own business.  That’s significant because, when he meets Brenda, the escapee from Zion’s Mount, he is totally unprepared for their meeting.  Not only is he not prepared to help her evade the enforcers who are intent on trying to take her back to the compound, but he has no interest in helping her remove her kids from Zion’s Mount which she asks him to do.

Eventually Zack does get involved and it changes his life, but I won’t say anything more at this point for fear of spoiling everyone’s reading experience.  Let me just say that there’s an involved back-story here, one that weaves its way though every fiber of the novel. 

And that’s about it: my first post.  Hopefully, I didn’t do too badly and you ‘ll all keep coming back.  I promise to do my best to keep it interesting.


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